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Text for Page 113 [03-20-1860]

           Hayes and Alf Waud in New York.
in the morning.  Boweryem has been a good deal
chaffed about the matter, taking it very good
  21.  Wednesday.   Out for a few blocks.   A
horrible day, raging wind driving a Simsom of dust
over and into everything, as intolerable a plague
as that of Egypt.           In the evening with Ledger
and Mrs. Boley     to Mr. Bartows.           Whist, euchre,
wine and cake, the Bartows, Misses Olive Jane
Clay Waite and Miss Sarah Louisa Maguire.    Back
by 12 �.
  22.  Thursday.   In-doors, writing.   Snow
and drizzle out-of-doors.    Doing an article for
�Scalpel,� and doing it badly, getting nervous and
miserable with over long staying in-doors.     To Dix-
on�s in the evening, he out.           To Haney�s, where
I found him with Jim Parton.            Haney has been
sick for a day or two, had boils inside his cheek
which Blakeman had to lance.    Parton has re-
cently returned from Philadelphia on some Jack-
sonian business.       Going down-town this mor-
ning, which I did more for the sake of the walk
than aught else, and returning, I met Hayes
the engraver, who told me that he, with Alf Waud
had arrived that morning, both intending to re-
main.     I expected Alf, either at my or Haney�s
boarding-house, but he didn�t show up, having, as               
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