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Text for Page 114 [03-22-1860]

         Another Party in Ledger�s Room.
the event proved, been carried off by Sol Ey-
tinge to Brooklyn.        They will work together
on the �News,� so Alf cultivates the amenities.
  23.  Friday.   Down-town with Ledger and
Cahill.    Yesterday�s record put down wrong,
after the evening�s chronicle.   All the remainder
occurred to-day.     I stayed in-doors till the
evening on Thursday.
  24.  Saturday.   Down-town in the after
noon.    Three last days, miserable ones.   Ner-
vous and hard-up.        Evening a party in
Ledger�s room.     The Bartows, Miss Waite,
Maguire, Sage, Cahill, Morris and Bowery-
em, besides myself, sherry, port, claret, whiskey
and subsequently champagne, bon-bons, crackers,
confectionary, sardines, fun, flirtation and
singing, little Boweryem prominent in the latter
department.      Mrs. Boley up.           Alf Waud
and Hayes came in to speak with me, wouldn�t
stop but went on to Haney�s.      A good deal of
fun going on.      The invited guests left at about
12, Ledger and Cahill accompanying them, Morris,
Boweryem, I and Burger (who had come up-
stairs on hearing the singing and was presently
followed by Kettle) sat smoking till their return.
More drinking.       I left �em at about 1 1/2 and               
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