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Text for Page 116 [03-24-1860]

	        Practical Jokes.
debauch and previous ones of my planning,
in retaliation for past squabbles.        I believe
Kettle and the others had resolved, if the Doctor
had appeared, they would have put him out,
in his shirt, on to the leads over Shepherd�s
room.   Meantime Cahill and Morris had
fetched Shepherd out of bed, to join the or-
gies.    They all crowded into Boweryem�s little
room, then returned to Ledger�s, breaking up
about 4 or 5.         I was warned of Morris�
coming up-stairs by his tumbling over chair
on top of them and laughing.     Cahill helped him
to put his room to-rights, then went down to
Ledger�s to fetch his pipe, purporting to have
a smoke with Morris, before going to bed.
During his absence, protracted by a drink or
two, Morris, whether seized with the idea that
Cahill had deranged his room or whether simple
inspired by liquor and mischief, went into Cahill�s
room and completed my work in a very thorough
manner.    He turned the bedstead up-side down,
put every moveable article, except a chest of drawers,
in a heap upon the floor, moved a variety of
iron ware into the room and on the threshold.
Then he barricaded my door and went to bed.
When Cahill came up, he tumbled about awhile,
then went down stairs and slept with Ledger �               
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