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Text for Page 117 [03-24-1860]

	         The Widow Levison.
� slept for the two brief hours between him and
daylight.                   I didn�t put down that I
met Welden yesterday afternoon, inebriated.   He has
been living at a house frequented by Mrs. Levison
and described her behavior felicitously enough.   Says
that she talked ostentatiously, in a loud voice, taking
the names of all sorts of newspaper men in vain,
spake in conceited and disdainful manner and seemed
to live at the rate of $20 a week.             She has
sunk her dead child�s age to next to babyhood now,
while her experience as a wife has experienced a simi-
lar reduction.        The woman was president of a Dor-
cas Society at Chapin�s church before her departure
for Havana.      I suppose she goes there in the hope
of a Spanish husband, as the European campaign
didn�t net one.        Rates herself altogether too high.
Is not attractive enough to hook gulls, besides wants
to better herself in position by marriage.     Hard-na-
tured, incurably selfish, suspicious, unbelieving,
if not unchaste, only withheld from it by her hard
interested, self-will � never a woman has more of
�the core of Bitch� in her than she.    So I think.
  25.  Sunday.  Up betimes and an ante-break-
fast walk in Washington Square, with Ledger,
Morris and Boweryem.   After breakfast, with Led-
ger, went to the Bartow�s, made half an hour�s
call, then returned.          To writing, until 2.    In               
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