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Text for Page 118 [03-25-1860]

	Stories about Frank Leslie.
the evening, Damoreau came, supping with us,
up in Ledger�s room subsequently, with Morris,
Cahill and Burger, Ledger having gone out af-
ter dinner.   Charley got to descanting on the secrets
of his prison-house, some of them not unedifying.
There�s the sharpest rivalry between the two
papers, hence engravers are at a premium;
Charley professes no doubt but that he could se-
cede from Leslie to Stahl tomorrow, without
abatement of income.    The former has, from
his outset, made it a rule that his engravers
should sink the payment of their first week�s la-
bor, so that let them stop in his employ for
years, that sum always lies in his hands till their
dismissal, at which they and especially Charley
chafe.      He declares he would mutiny on the
question if the others would back him, knowing
that, in the present state of things, Leslie
would be, like Dick Swiveller�s waiter �per-
fectly helpless.�   A singular man is Leslie,
alias Carter.           All the dunning and insult
he has been subjected to never provokes more
than temporary indignation.    The scenes his es-
tablishment has witnessed!     the rows!   The
crises!     Brightly in an altercation about the
usual subject, non-payment, calls him �You
pup!� threatens personal violence, then, not               
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