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Text for Page 119 [03-25-1860]

	            Home News.
content with his natural role of blackguard, tries
gentleman, in a letter, apologizing, which excuse
Leslie accepts and hints in reply that Brightly
may as well deduct $2 from his weekly salary!
Brightly don�t do it.             Brightly is called
out one morning from amidst the engravers.
Dead silence amongst them.    Man and wife in
altercation; the former�s voice heard: �Well, Sir,
if you talk about my wife again you�ll suffer
for it!  I�ve got friends, Sir!�        Brightly had
been babbling depreciation about the woman, pro-
bably at his boarding-house.            Thus Charley.
  To Dixon�s for five minutes, Morris going
part of the way with me, then joined him at
Edwards�.      The girls, their parents, Jack,
Haney, Honeywell, anon Knudsen.   Talking with
Mrs. E.      Eliza, and Matty.        Honeywell beside
her, conversing � has �come round again� � she
�don�t care.�       Left at 11.                     I have
not chronicled certain home-items from my mo-
ther�s last letter.      My father �sometimes keeps his
bed all day, is very poorly, and it makes him
fretful.�    My aunt Mapleson �has hard work
to live, having only a small portion of her father�s
property sowed from the wreck of extravagance,
and four children, besides herself to feed and
clothe.   The wretched husband and father does               
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