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Text for Page 120 [03-25-1860]

	     News from England.
nothing for the maintainance of his family.�
Aunt Bessy �has gone to reside at Clifton,
near Bath, for her health; �her daughter, a
fine girl, tall of her age, fourteen.�       One
of my uncle William�s sons, Tom, a �dresser�
in Bartholomew�s Hospital, his brother William
voyaging to and fro with the West India mails.
John Bolton, the woolstapler, growing wealthy,
Edwin, the youngest, whose marriage displeased
the family, in a little village grocery near Cha-
combe; is industrious.          Mary Bennett in
town.        Mr. and Mrs. Wharton (query Walton)
dead, the daughter living in Oxford.      Edward
Butler, brother to the Tom and William above
mentioned in New Zealand and likes it.
Thus from England.
  26.  Monday.  Up early.  Writing home
to my mother and chores; down-town in the
afternoon.     Alf Waud and Hayes came in
the evening, Alf broad and healthy-looking,
having had little to do but �chop wood� during
the winter.     He as usual in talk, not sparing
of uncomplimentary comment on Will and others.
Will he declared utterly selfish; says he
hasn�t written to his mother or sisters for a 
couple of years, though they have sent letters en-
treating him to do so.          They are unaware of               
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