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Text for Page 121 [03-26-1860]

	 Talk of Alf Waud and Hayes.
Will�s marriage.      Further, Alf asserts that
Will left a better business in Boston than he
will achieve here; he is popular there, �they like
his snobbishness.�     Alf is not popular, his gene-
ral habit of obnoxious speaking at the expense of 
others notwithstanding.   He has been a good deal
with Sol Eytinge since his arrival; Sol�s
guest on Sunday and before.      He speaks of
Sol as �improved, &c.,� says that Allie looks very
old and haggard, that she can�t see anything
without spectacles.   Sol�s sister visited the house
during Alf�s presence.         Hayes, the engraver,
is as heretofore.         We talked acquaintances, the
rival papers, Boston, New York, things in gene-
ral, Cahill and Morris being present part of
the time.   Hayes told two good stories about
Frank Leslie, one of which I�ve heard before.
He knew him in England and when F.L. bol-
ted owed him money.    In Boston, Leslie gave
Hayes a job � a part of a big engraving to do,
which Hayes wouldn�t give up until paid not only
for his work and the debt, but the interest on
the latter!       Story 2.     Boston author has a 
demand on Leslie for $50, employs man
coming on to New York to get it.    Man duns
Leslie, finally on being told, at 10 A.M. that
if he�ll come at 2, F.L. will certainly be               
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