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Text for Page 066 [03-16-1851]

              of student riots, the Fronde, Louis le Grand, Mazarin, Richelieu;
down to modern Paris, with the good looking, curly haired, bear^|d|ed student, the
owner en blouse, the grisette a la Paul de Kock, the dashing [word crossed out] stylish
courtesan �lorette;� � all these exquisitely drawn. How one relishes turning
over the leaves of such a book. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].             This, and also Songes Drolatiques by Rabelais
with quaint, droll illustrations by Maitre Alcofribas himself; the which
(with a volume of the �Era�) I borrowed, intending copying)  and about 11
left, and had a wet walk home; Picton going a little way.     A pleasant 
evening, [words crossed out]    Much did it please me
to see him pay respect to his old grandmother, and hear her call him �Thomas.�
  17. Monday.   Letter writing, and drawing.   Rabelais� Songes Drolatique.
Evening Cross and Homer up for a brief space.  In the morning a note from
[word crossed out] Andrews, desiring to see me.
  18. Tuesday.  Lying on the bed all day, with head and limbs aching
having passed a miserably restless night.   Snow and hail out of doors. Alf
Waud at work on Mrs Dob�s portrait beside me. Mr Hart called in the
morning.  Could�nt do anything but growl all day. Sent a note to Andrews.
  19. Wednesdy.  Being all right or nearly so, walked down town. Met
Anderson, who taking my arm turned me back and conversed apropos of the
Washington competition for the space of a block or so. [words crossed out]
To the Post Office and dispatched letters.    [word crossed out] Scorpianic Mearson. To
a job-printing Office where I saw the �Colonel.�   Got the sketch I
made eight months ago for title to the �Porcupine,� with instructions to put
it on the wood. �Cast your bread on the waters and after many days it
shall be returned unto you.�   Left, met Dillon Mapother, and with
him to Butlers; � joined Mr Hart in Fulton, and together to 
the Exchange in Wall Street, where I left them, and returned to               
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