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Text for Page 122 [03-26-1860]

	 Ledger Leaves.  Pounden.
there and pay him, man sits down to wait
in the office till the time mentioned.   Leslie pays
him and man is going when Leslie hails him:
�Have you got anything to do?�   Man says he
has a trade.         �I�m sorry for that� says Frank,
�for I�ve got a few debts I want collected and
I think you�d be the very man to do it!�
  Out with the two and Morris, for oysters.
Alf and Hayes live temporarily at Sweeney�s
hotel.  The former projects keeping his �wife� in Bos-
ton for two months, when she will be enabled to
petition for a divorce on the ground of desertion!
Brainard is said to be in Texas.            Old Jewell
has called on Alf; is friendly to him        The
woman he lives with is some kin to Brainard,
a cousin perhaps, hence, says Alf, Jewell�s
early animosity.
  27.  Tuesday.   Writing letter to the �Era.�
Ledger moves to the Everett House to-day; in
three more, with his Canadian friends, to
Washington, Charleston, &c.   He will return
here in three or four weeks, retaining a lien
on his room.       Pounden (Frank) up in the
afternoon, has been out of a situation for six
months or more, is rather down upon his luck.
Down-town with him, to �Nic-Nax� office.
  Took car up to Clinton Place, called on and               
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