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Text for Page 123 [03-27-1860]

     Alf�s �wife� tattling about her Elopement.
dined with Mr. and Mrs. Wall, at a rather
stylish boarding house.   Little Wall very hospitable.
There�s been some kind of a row between Selina
and her sister Nelly, at Waud�s house in Bos-
ton, and Alf, in his usual moderate way, de-
nominates the former �a fool.�     I can�t see that
either of the three sisters have any special advan-
tage over the others in intellect, certainly not
Alf�s choice.      Will told a suggestive anecdote of
her.       Having a sewing-machine, which Alf got,
for drawing, she went to a place to be taught
to use the instrument, and while there, related a
highly-romantic account of her elopement with Alf,
sinking all about the husband!          �I wondered
how the Devil,� quoth Will, �so and so came to
hear such stuff.�    Of course it got round, through
the cackling of the women, to Will�s wife�s ears�
and to his.          She knows Alf�s domestic relations,
probably her papa also.      Jolly state of things gene-
really!                     Stayed till 9 with the Walls,
then to Bleecker St, and out again, at the over-
the-way boarding-house subsequenty.
  28.  Wednesday.  Writing &c.  Down-town in
the afternoon, �Nic-nax,� �Courier� and Post Office.
Evening to Bartows, where I found Ledger and
stayed till 9, returning to a bath and Morris�
company.             I have remarked, of late,               
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