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Text for Page 124 [03-28-1860]

	Ledger humbugging Cahill
Cahill�s occasional conferences with Ledger,
his coming home very tired, &c., and knowing
that but little of his time is spent in Haney�s
office, as heretofore, had little doubt as to what
he is engaged in.   So, on chaffing him a
little, this morning, he made a three-quarters�
confession.    Ledger is trying his capacities as
a Detective, has put him on the scent of some-
body, perhaps as Cahill suspects, on a bogus
case, the individual he has to hunt up being
also a Detective.     Cahill hardly likes his new
avocation.     First, it is very fatiguing work,
he having to go hither and thither, to rise early,
to be on time and the moment in everything,
though with long intervals of waiting, perhaps
of hours together.   (Ledger deals in no whole
confidences but simply tells Cahill what to do,
from day to day, or at briefer periods.)    Then
it involves the exercise of every unscrupulous
art within the limits of the law, simulation
of character, of knowledge, of friendship for
the victim, lying and the like.       But Cahill
is poor, has no present career open to him
and, if found equal to his extraordinary trade,
will be well paid, will get �300 a year.
Ledger says he has written to headquarters in
England mentioning him � maybe to discover his               
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