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Text for Page 125 [03-28-1860]

	      About �Dectectives.�
antecedents.      Ledger himself has �3,000
a year; the man is, indeed, one of the highest
of his vocation, if not the highest.   Certainly he
is chief here, has no end of silent, secret,
subordinates under his control, going about their
strange labors day after day, getting their ins-
tructions from him.       Their business lies with
defaulters, men who have perpetrated heavy
pecuniary offences in Great Britain, not murder-
ers and such coarser game.           Their victims
are rather cajoled to return than anything else;
international law not providing for the arrest
of criminals of this sort.      They are told that
friends �have made it all right,� they�d better go
back &c., the Detective using all his information 
to induce that result, generally in the mask of
friendship, which in some cases is worn for
months; aye, years.        In fact, as written, it
is organized Judas Iscariotism; Jonathan
Wild redivisons, only sworn in as the defender
of property; the unrecognized, nameless ally
of the Law; Cunning waging a sly, merciless,
unscrupulous war against Dishonesty; the
Necessary Evil of legislature, work which has
to be done but which honors not the doer, �
which demands a sacrifice of the whole man, even
to the exercise of his vices, all to conduce one               
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