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Text for Page 126 [03-28-1860]

	           Ledger�s Lies
result.    (Ledger has told Cahill that he will
have to get drunk, but never to let the liquor
loosen his tongue, save as governed by pre-thought
over design! That the art of arts is to seem
hugely communicative, yet be really close as
though his teeth made a dungeon of his tongue.)
Cahill has, had, in this his probation, to 
visit  and introduce himself to a woman, to
affect knowledge and intimacy of this and that,
to attend a cock-fight, to make love to a ser-
vant girl!         He believes Ledger has a per-
fect knowledge of all his proceedings, that
he is trying him, in fact, as is likely enough.
Perhaps Ledger left this house in considera-
tion of it being inadvisable that he should
be seen living with his new recruit; for this
secret brotherhood are, in public, perfect and
persistent strangers to each other.      A man
will apply to Ledger for a light to a cigar in
the street, during the obtaining of which he
will receive instructions.       The Canadian
Friends of Ledger�s, Cahill had to speak fami-
liarly of, over our supper table, describing their
appearance � this he did according to his chief�s
directions � he had never seen the men!         Cer-
tianly a queer transition for Cahill!  From
literature, if so it may be called, this shifty,               
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