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Text for Page 127 [03-28-1860]

	    About his sham-calling.
scribbling, impoverished element he has been
struggling in for the last four years � to
larceny-hunting.     How curious it all is!
The advent of this singular man, his domi-
cialiation in this house, Bob Gun�s secret im-
pressment, now Cahill�s! my engagement to
write his biography!      I opine he may have
come here to study Gun and Cahill�s charac-
ters, as much as from preference for our free
and easy regime which I know suits his taste
far more than that of a hotel � he has gone
to the Everett, Im pretty sure, for some busi-
ness motive.        A shrewd, long-headed man
this Ledger! yet he is approbatively communi-
cative when in liquor, and did not show
overmuch astuteness in confiding his vocation
&c., to Bob Gun.     For Gun, when tipsy, told
it to me, and I might have been a babbler.
At that same time, at Christmas, Ledger
away in Canada, Gun admitted he had been
left in charge �to look after a fellow� adding
he didn�t like the business and was �half a mind,�
if he met the said �fellow� to give him a hint
to get out of the way! it seemed such a
d____d shame to get into a poor devil�s confidence
and then betray him!      He hadn�t taken any
trouble in the matter, he said, and shouldn�t,               
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