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Text for Page 128 [03-28-1860]

	              At 745.
though he might have got into a good thing
by it!   Rousing Detective Bob Gun would
make! with these milk of human kindness senti-
ments; but doubtless he will adopt himself to
his new vocation.                          All of this
business is enormously curious and interest-
ing, as appertaining to the hidden side of life.
�All manners and conditions of men,� did
old Johnson see, says Macaulay?     I trow
he hardly encountered greater variety than Im
in for.             I like it.
  29.  Thursday.      Cahill off ere breakfast, Led-
ger called after it.       He has two tip-top rooms
at the Everett, on Cahill�s report.             Miss
Waite called:       Interruptions from this and
that source till noon, then down-town, and got
no money from the �Courier.�    Scribbling &c in
the afternoon � out of spirits and melancholic.
Evening, to Edwards�.         Welles, Honeywell,
Haney, the girls and paterfamilias there, Mrs.
Edwards not coming down from her labors in
the shop till 11 �, half an hour after her usual
time.     She works very hard, in indeed the soul
of the business.     Walked homewards with Haney
  30.  Friday.  Cahill off ere breakfast again
to his chief,   I to Dixon�s.        More secret               
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