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Text for Page 130 [03-30-1860]

denominated it, is sightless! how he lost it
we know not, whether from South America
desert-opthalmia or accident.       Bob Gun
knew him first thus: Gun was a coal-dealer
in London, had a wharf and partner, which
partner did a big dishonesty, when Ledger under-
took the case.    They have spree�d together a good
deal in London.                  I met Rondel with
his dog, a big setter, recently imported from
Boston, this morning, and anon little Perkins
the lithographer.          Writing Dixonian article
on Pugilism &c., all the evening and part of the
morning, down-town as far as Chambers� in
the afternoon.    A most lovely day.    Scribbling
till midnight.
  31.  Saturday.    Scribblign Dixonian article,
with one rush-down town to the �Courier� office
just before dinner, finishing by 8. P.M., then
to the Fifth Avenue with it and got the $15,
rewarding myself with a mug of ale at the �Optimus�
subsequently, as it proved, shortly after Ledger
had quitted the tavern, on his return from an
evening at Bartow�s.       Little thief Watson was
there, as usual with a knot of talkers.             Got
some particulars about B.G. Stone the Artist(?)
once Picturesque Anachronism, from Shepherd,
which I shall condense in conjunction with those               
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