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Text for Page 131 [03-31-1860]

	          About B.G. Stone.
derived from Alf. Waud.     The former
met Stone in his recent passing through New York,
the latter in Boston.       Having utterly used him-
self at at Catskill, he has been fairly obliged
to decamp, receiving intimations from enraged
village creditors that he had better decamp quietly,
for fear of consequences.   So he resolves to return
to the place of his nativity and detestation, near
Boston, his wife intending to follow him.   He talks
of devoting himself to drawing on stone; �lithographers
play the devil with one�s designs,� &c. &c.    Stone�s
whole career � that of a type of the Bogus Artist
� at Catskill and before, is characteristic and
edifying.    His father, an honest and sensible
farmer and market-gardner, of humble origin,
won a large sum of money in a lottery, in
the days when lotteries were legal, which served
as a foundation for his fortune, or rather inde-
pendence.    (Stone used to sink the farm and
market-garden, and to scatter indefinite intima-
tions of parental affluence, suggestive of a hand-
some villa, grounds, carriage-horses &c.)  Shep-
herd has seen some of his father�s letters, reports
them as wise and remonstrative of his son�s
proceedings.    That un-artistic pelican has
subsisted almost entirely by parental depletion,
the proportion of his own earnings being as one               
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