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Text for Page 026 [09-10-1849]

              Americanized Irishman, who told me he kept a Posler house in
New York. Yet he was a tea-totaller and refused whiskey. Day
down on the Delaware, (a noble sheet of fresh-water). And 
a glorious sight to to see the sun rise
�Nor dim, nor red; � like God�s own head,�
scattering the lazy mist that lay so thick on one of the river-
banks that it hid it from sight.		On the top most
part of the boat, lying down by the chimney for warmth and
dryness, and thus I came in sight of of Philadelphia. Verily
the quaker city is a fine one, spires, trees, island and all.
Landed, and to a Hotel and Restaurant 35 Jack Street. Breakfast
, a good wash, boot clean, and then drawings in hand set out on 
my rounds. Up Chestnut Street, the Broadway of Phila-
 11. Tuesday. }   delphia.   Calls on Publishers � Peterson. �Nothing
doing at all in my way.�   Very brusque.   Cary and Hart. Saw
the latter. a gentleman.	Appointed to meet me in New
York, whither he should be on the 18, 19, and 20th of the month
at an Auction book sale; at 204 Broadway; when he would in
troduce me to all the publishers he knew, of Boston &c. and �in
case he should think of doing anything� with my �Cholera� sketches,
he could decide on it. /	To Lea and Blanchard�s, next door.
Very polite. Then to Godeys, of the �Lady�s Book� and present-               
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