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Text for Page 132 [03-31-1860]

	         Stone�s Doings.
cent to a hundred dollars of papa�s money.
Doubtless his relatives by marriage have ex-
perienced the same attentions.      He lived with
his wife�s parents, his expenses, I suppose,
being like Will Waud�s, �drawn as mild� as
possible, Mrs. Stone having charge of the house-
hold, as her mother, from badness of sight or
other infirmity could not superintend if herself.
Both the girl � an ex-village belle � and her
father are very sensitive about Stone, his
doings, personal appearance &c., and verily
he must have given them occasion.     He must
have had a good deal of money from his father,
at one time and another.         One he got, says
Shepherd, $2,000, some debt owing to his
Progenitor being made available, and confi-
ded to Stone on the understanding that he was
to repay it, in installments.         Forthwith he, with
his wife, went to Newport, Cape May and
other fashionable watering-places, lived at
tip-top hotels, never stirred abroad but in
carriages, in short made ducks and drakes
of papa�s dollars in a fearfully expeditious
manner.     He did this in a forlorn impres-
sion that he could thereby mingle with rich and
stylish people, the and secure orders for pictu-
res, but hardly ever pushed the idea into posi-               
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