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Text for Page 134 [03-31-1860]

	      A Morning at Hoboken.
and lived on her honest father�s money.    Stone�s
papa-in-law isn�t a Meagles.

  1.  Sunday.  After breakfast to the Everett
House, to visit Ledger, there to be introduced
to man who�s to hand me the documents for
Ledger�s biography, during his absence from the
city.    But the man didn�t show, having, said
Ledger been attacked with an epileptic fit.
He told me, also, particulars about his �Canadian
friends,� whom Cahill believes to be entirely ima-
ginary, inventions.        They had taken
the rooms for him, said Ledger, discharged his
bill, didn�t want to be aroused till 2 P.M.,
when they were going to return to Canada. �Why
this waste?� (of assertion) as the devil remarked,
looking over Lincoln cathedral.   Back to Bleeck-
er, in company, finding Alf Waud, Hayes and
Rondel at the door.    Impressed the two former
and with Cahill and Burger, the six of us start-
ed for Hoboken.     Alf comported himself aggress-
ively, as usual.   When I suggested a bottle of
light French wine as an inducement, to Rondel,
to accompany us, Alf must immediately stigma-
tize the expedition as a �guzzling� party.    Then               
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