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Text for Page 135 [04-01-1860]

	             At 745.   Sally.
he did boy-tricks in the street, betrayed an incli-
nation to pelt cats and the members of the company,
only subsiding on discovering that the game could
be played by others.        A June day, so warm that
coats might have been dispensed with, heavy haze,
on the river, ominous of coming storm.   To Limouze�s
� a pleasant time generally.         All back by 2 1/2,
to dinner.     Awhile in Burger and Kettle�s room.
I, to my room for a doze, during heavy rain
storms; when I woke most of the fellows had
departed.        In the parlor till 9, then to Ed-
wards, through a fine rain.     Haney and Honey-
well there, the girls &c.    Stayed till 11, talking
promiscuously, a good part of the time to Sally.
The girl had been sick, kept her bed for
some days, which her father revealed, she her-
self playing Spartan and saying nothing about it.
There�s a correct feeling in this, dashed with mor-
bidity; it contrasts well with the clamor made by
all vulgar people about their ailments.       Little
Nast will hardly return to the U.S. for twelve
months, so I heard Eliza say, talking to Mor-
ris (who dropped in at 10, after an unsuccessful
call at Fanny Fern�s) � there�s a letter from �Tho-
mas� in the �Illustrated News,� accompanying his
sketches.    Said letter must have been considerably
cooked and improved, if not wholly re-written,               
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