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Text for Page 136 [04-01-1860]

	A Letter from Dillon Mapother.
for Nast couldn�t spell, much less write a decent
English.      Returned with Morris.            When
Alf Waud appeared this morning he had an ab-
surd, thick winter shawl, which he was with some
difficulty chaffed out of conveying to Hoboken.
said he had �constitutional rheumatism,� which by
taking care of himself, he might eradicate, if not
it might increase and finally kill him!          Looks
the picture of health, too.     Cahill evidently re-
garded Ledger with the feelings attributed to Rob
the Grinder towards Carker throughout the day.
  2.  Monday.   Writing fifth Era letter, with
one run down town to �Courier� Office, when I met
Watson the lengthy and cadaverous, and Hayes the
engraver.     Return to dinner.      Ledger up in the
morning.          Evening, went to Bellews� and
stayed till 11.                   I got a letter from Dil-
lon Mapother, the other day, the first received
for nearly twelvemonths.      He is prosperous, happy,
has one child, a girl, a month old.
  3.  Tuesday.   Chores and writing to Dillon.
Ledger up, for �Era� letter, &c.       Cahill loaf-
ing, off duty, he says, probably for three weeks,
at the expiration of which time, advices will
be obtained from England, placing him on the
Secret Service staff.     He and Shepherd were
out on a debauch last night.     Encountering               
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