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Text for Page 138 [04-04-1860]

	Project about the great Fight.
  4.  Wednesday.  Ledger up awhile.   In
doors till 3, trying to draw &c, then out.   Met
Parton at Union Square and walked down town
with him, through the rain, which came on heav-
ier after we parted, he to go to the Masons�.    To
P.O. &c; met Haney.       Writing in the evening
till 12.     Irruption from Billington and Morris,
from the former of whom I learnt that Bob Gun
had, during Ledger�s Canadian absence, con-
fided the secret (!) of his vocation to Billington.
He and Morris evidently distrust its� truth and
of course I didn�t enlighten them.         Advantage
of placing confidence in any man that gets drunk!
Here�s Haney, Cahill, Morris, Billington and I
all know what at least only one needs to.  I sus-
pect Cahill has told Bellew, also.
  5.  Thursday.  Ledger up.  Talk of a project
of mine broached sometime back to Boweryem
and Morris, viz, getting up an anticipatory
account of the coming fight for the �championship�
and publishing it, a day or a few hours before
the arrival of the true news.     I had conference
with a printer of Boweryem�s acquaintance,
who seemed disposed to go into it, but having
experienced a heavy loss recently, didn�t, so the
thing was dropped.        Mentioning it to Ledger, he
liked the notion of simultaneously perpetrating               
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