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Text for Page 139 [04-05-1860]

           O�Brien and Clapp�s �borrowing.�
an enormous �sell� on the �Yankees� and making
a good sum of money by it, so he offered to
advance the funds.     We shall probably do it.
I�ve no scruples of conscience on such a subject.
  Writing, a little drawing.         Out in the afternoon
in Broadway.   Returning met Haney at our door.
He supped with us, stayed afterwards till 9
or later in my room.    Morris, Billington, Cahill
and Boweryem there.         Out with Haney, meeting
Alf Waud, on going down stairs, who left us at
Broadway.          To Edwards�.    With the girls,
Jack and Mr. and Mrs E. till 11.                      Cahill
was introduced, to�ther night, to certain mem-
bers of his new avocation.    He describes
them as �commercial traveller-�like men.       He
don�t like the business, �getting into fellows confi-
dence and then telling everything,� though he sup-
poses that in time he shall think nothing of it
  During his �Ornithorynchus� days Cahill lent
O�Brien some $17, more or less, of course never
getting repaid.    Shepherd has been equally green to-
wards Clapp, lending him $10.        O�Brien �tried it
on,� too, with Shepherd, but unsuccessfully.     Generous-
souled fellow, O�Brien!      he never bears malice,
not he!    he�ll ask a man for money in the mor-
ning whom he has insulted overnight!          Clapp
has swindled the man Pearsall, � a weak, well-               
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