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Text for Page 140 [04-05-1860]

             A Story accepted by Dickens.
to-do Fifth-Avenoodle, they say, � to the amount
of $4,000, though the �Saturday Press.�    This
Pearsall is to marry Ada Clare, who, consequently,
doesn�t show so much among the Pfaff clique.
He originated dreary, innocentish, gushing bosh
entitled �Leaves from Nature� in the S.P., 
getting men to re-write �em as he couldn�t do English
himself; he had his name printed in conjunction
with Clapp�s, as �editor and proprietor.�   Last
week he fired off piddling satire at the Pfaff
clique in the �Courier,� which Briggs, getting it
for nothing, printed.
  6.  Friday.  Drawing &c.    Ledger up by
12 �, says he�s positively off for Washington
(?) to-day, out to the Optimus with him.     In
the afternoon got note from Charles Dickens
� my story �retained for insertion.�    Down-town
to Harpers, too late to catch Bonner.         Eve-
ning, in doors.     Boweryem and Hilton the
printer up.        Talk about fight-hoax.
  7 6.  Saturday.  Down town by noon.    To
Harper�s, missed Bonner again.      Sears came
up, with him to Crook and Duff�s, where
we met Cahill, with whom I had walked
down town.     To Courier office; Cahill, Abra-
hams, Smith and anon Briggs there, chaffing.
Up to the �Tribune� Office twice, to get payment               
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