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Text for Page 141 [04-07-1860]

	        Ledger �clears out�
for article which, at length, appeared in this
day�s paper.     Dana didn�t come, so missed it.
Up-town, disappointed, having lost the morning.
Devil�s own colic all over the afternoon, couldn�t
do anything but lie on the bed and bear it.
Letters two, from Ledger, to Cahill and myself,
the latter announcing that �since he saw me
yesterday, matters of business had compelled him
to alter all his present and future plans, that
he left the city this morning, that it was im-
possible to say when he might be back or where
he might reach ere he returned, therefore
under the circumstances he must decline entering
into the fight business:     for the same reason he
must defer handing me the Journal of travels
&c.�     Furthermore my �Era� letters are declined
in what he �considers rather an abrupt manner.�
  Cahill concludes Ledger has gone to England.
There was a vessel sailed this morning.   Cahill
was to get some money for his recent services
in the Judas Iscariot line, but missed seeing
the man, who will hand it to him to day.
He says a defaulter was sent back yesterday,
being expedited to Portland, in the apprehension
that his friends might interfere to stop his em-
barkation at this port.        Ledger took �6,000
in gold from him the man had only spent               
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