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Text for Page 068 [03-23-1851]

              evening intended visiting Chapin�s, but rain-storm prevented, so sate in Mr
Hall�s room, in company with him, Bradley, Cross, and old gentlemanfriend of Mr H�s.
  24  Monday.  To the Office, and there drawing all day; the perspective of a 
pretty Early-English Church.  At 6, walked into Nassau Street, Colonel gone,
return through the rain.
  25. Tuesday.  Office.   On returning to Canal Street for dinner learnt that
a messenger from Spottiswoode� had called.  In the afternoon got younger Anderson
to call at Cliff street for it.      Called at Holts, saw Martin, Mr Hart &
Dillon.    In the Evening the two latter visited me, Dillon staying an hour.
Looking over parcel, �Punches� �Banbury Guardians,� knit purse from Rosa, knit
flower-glass stands from Naomi, pens, envelopes &c from Charley.  (Also knit purse
for Barth, from his Sister.)       God bless �em all, [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].                      I have little right to think
gloomily, when there is such kind, constant home-thought of me.  Yet I do, and
now, (Alf away to Brooklyn,) have a deep, intense sad pleasure in being alone.
Now I dream ^|and| ponder, � how little the routine of each day interests me,
how little I speculate and hope now.   
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[words crossed out].               Finished letter for Mary.
  26. Wednesday.  At the Office all day.  Evening returned up
Broadway with young Pelham and Alf Waud, the latter of whom we
encountered meandering thereabouts; � the boy going with me for the loan
of books, and the purpose of meeting his brother, which he did, and de-
parted with both.  /     Original sons of an original sire are these boys.               
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