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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 144 [04-07-1860]

         A daily comic paper projected.
light-haired, wrinkle-faced, queer, very,
very English!        Is it possible that I,
that every Englishman coming to this country,
does, at the outset exhibit this stupendous
conviction that he is a gentlemanly Columbus
among innocently-disposed savages, whom he
intends to be very kind too, if they behave
well?              I like Addy well enough, but
there�s only one good thing in his scheme � sel-
ling at a cent a copy.           But how little he
knows how keenly, how sharply everything rela-
ting to a Comic paper has been discussed here;
how shrewdly reckoned up his �Momus� will
be.     This Bohemian life ought to teach one
something.             Left at 11, down to Pfaffs
for lager.    Banks there with a German.  Banks
cracked and talk����i����n����g at his
usual dreary, endless, inconclusive, erratic,
idiotic manner.        His mind must be resembles
a room full of sand, cobwebs and feathers,
with a wind blowing into it.  Here are frag-
ments of his discourse.       The tambourine
girl (who came round begging and being com-
plimented by fools) was the handsomest woman
on New York � Dora Shaw (an elderly actress
drinking in the cellar with such members of
the clique as were present) was the handsomest               
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