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Text for Page 146 [04-08-1860]

	    Ledger gone to England.
the �Illustrated News.�       Charley says
the speech at the Metropolitan was his primary
offence, Brightly that he didn�t obey orders rela-
tive to a certain cut and was, generally, not
worth his salary, of which Leslie yet owes him
  9.  Monday.  Drenching rain.   Down town
in omnibus; to �Harper�s,� �Courier� Office, �Frank
Leslie�s,� the �Illustrated News� &c.    Got $5 for
my �Tribune� article, after half an hour�s weary
waiting in the office.        Mort Thomson, his brother
Clifford and Cahill there.               At �Nic-nax� office
saw Haney and Bellew.       Returned up-town with
Morris.      Sick and rather discouraged.     Evening
doing writing, a little of it.           Sage came up
with the intimation that Misses Maguire and
Waite were below; with Morris went down
stairs for half an hour.                   Morris,
Boweryem and Cahill in my room till 2.
A. M.            Cahill has been to the Steamship
Company Office of the vessel which left New York
for Liverpool on Saturday, the �City of Wash-
ington� and looked over the passenger list, where
he found recorded the name, Alfred Lane
� same initials as Ledger�s.       His linen and
possibly trunks were marked with them.    I�ve
little doubts as to the correctness of our surmises.               
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