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Text for Page 147 [04-09-1860]

	Talk of my editing �Momus.�
Ledger withdrew his money from Duncan and
Sherman�s bank on Thursday, as Cahill knew,
yet said he had no money on hand when Cahill
asked for payment.      He is to get some, however, (?)
from one of Ledger�s agents and has been attem-
pting to catch the man since Ledger�s departure.
  No news of Bob Gun, either.
  10.  Tuesday.  In-doors all the rainy day,
at work on another story to send to Dickens�.
Addey came up to see me in the morning, staying
an hour.         He made a sort of indefinite proposi-
tion as to my becoming the editor of �Momus,�
we talked over matters generally and I�m to
�think it over� till tomorrow night.    Alf Waud
visited me in the evening, Morris in, and,
part of the time, Boweryem.     Ale and talk.
Alf as wont.    Hardly a person that he didn�t 
talk ill-naturedly and denunciatorily about, par-
ticularly his brother, this too, before Morris.
Though what he said might have its truth, it
shouldn�t be vented from him and promiscuously.
If a man go through the world growling and
decendental, finding everybody �miserable� and
�wretched� and �beastly,� if he choose the ugliest
words to apply to his fellow-creatures, I don�t think
they are like to love him.       Privately he read
me part of a letter written by his �wife,� who,               
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