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Text for Page 148 [04-10-1860]

       Alf Waud�s �Wife� and a Lawyer.
in accordance with his instructions, has ap-
plied to a lawyer, in order to take the initia-
tory steps towards getting a divorce, when the
man put so many questions to her as to
the minutiae of Brainard�s asserted �deser-
tion� that she was dismayed and postponed
satisfying them till Alf�s return.    The lawyer
wanted to know filthy particular things, all
unconsciously ironical to the last degree when
contrasted with the facts of the case, as: did
she know where her husband had gone, to when
he left her?, did she apply to all available means
of informing him of her condition &c., &c.    Alf
laughs and opines the man is a very smart
lawyer &c and proposes going on to Boston
next Saturday.    Old Jewell, whom he visits,
is prepared to do a piece or two of perjury
to effect this divorce, which I shouldn�t con-
sider very legal, thus obtained.
  11.  Wednesday.  In doors, writing and chores,
till 6, when, up to 16th Street intending to
sup with Haney.   He absent.    Met Mrs. Potter,
who spoke of her being about to leave her present
abode, the house having been let to somebody else.
Mrs. Griffin, ex-Gouverneur has been in New
York, stayed two day�s at Mrs. P�s, the lat-
ter says Mrs. G shut herself up in a room,               
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