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Text for Page 149 [04-11-1860]

	     Addey shilly-shallying.
and wouldn�t go, that the woman begged to have
her stay, wherefore Mrs. P. relented for brief space.
Mrs. G. �repents she ever got married,� deponent
don�t know what, but will return shortly to
Niagara.              Return to supper, then with
Boweryem, who had occasion to see Addey, to the
Unitary Home, where we found him and New-
man.     Latter eulogistic of my book, entreated
me to regard myself as one of the Momus �corps,�
former rather ignored editorial proposition; said
for the present he should dispense with an editor,
or undertake the office himself � had decided on
$5 a column as the rate of pay � would I get to
work &c., do this, that and t�other, suggested
a sample article on a notion I had spoken of
� not to be used, but offered as a specimen � a 
proposition I decidedly demurred to. (Might as well
ask a tobacconist for a sample pound of tobacco!)
A good-humored man, with but two ideas with
regard to the enterprise, one that he is to start
a paper, second it�s shape and price � adrift
as to aught else.      Has evidently been rushing
about to everybody as to me.      Newman dreadfully
self complacent, pooh-poohed a charming notion of
�Punch,� thought me �very good-natured� in my
avowed admiration of it.          Is beginning, however,               
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