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Text for Page 150 [04-11-1860]

	     Newman.       Patti.
to conceive the possibility of their being heroes
besides Agamemnon, said he �had no hesita-
tion in declaring� that certain drawings of
Bellew�s were �as good� as any in the old cou-
try!       Don�t begin to understand that F. B.
may be everyway above him.          Newman is
light-haired, at a distance youthful looking, 
on closer inspection, his face very seamed and
wrinked.       Said an American publisher had
asked him to write  a book on this country!
(Four days experience, and three of them wet
ones! one would like to know that publisher!)
Told both men as much civil truth as I 
could; they went to �private� view of the National
Academy Exhibition (which is always more crow-
ded than on ordinary occasions) Boweryem
and I to the Opera, where I saw Patti
for the first time.    A dear little girl with a
charming, intelligent face, surely the youngest
of prima donnas, and New York�s deserved
favorite.        She played in �Don Pasquale.�
  12.  Thursday.   Lovely, cool, sunny day,
doubly delicious after the rain.      A note from
Lotty (!) inviting me to visit her at Ford-
ham, saying that Granville sailed in the
City of Washington, for England on Saturday.
Will he come, minutely, under the observation               
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