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Text for Page 151 [04-12-1860]

	       Billington in Clover.
of Alfred Lane, I wonder?   However I know
the man pretty well from the report of others,
to-day adducing fresh testimony, of which anon.
Writing till past noon, and to Spring St. with
Morris, return and more scribbling.    By 4 to
Billington�s lodgings, a pleasant, quiet house in
Beach Street, within sight of St. Johns Square,
the spring grass of which looked delicious in the
cool, sunny afternoon.       A fair-haired, fair-necked
girl with a pleasant face, one of Billington�s pu-
pils, opened the door to me and I found him
in a decent upper room, smoking cigars of the
family�s providing.    Gossipped half an hour.   He
takes his meals at an adjacent boarding-house,
gives lessons to the girls in English (or rather Ame-
rican) &c.       I saw the �tother, on my way out,
brightly-dressed, round-hatted, short-skirted
and young.      Papa a Broadway tradesman, his
wife more attractive than her daughters, says Bil-
lington.     Down-town, to half a dozen places.
At supper, fetched from the basement, by the ad-
vent of �two ladies.�    Lotty and a friend of hers,
married daughters of Houston Street boarding-
house landlady.      Talked awhile with them, then
out to squire latter round the corner, but pursued
my walk with Lotty, on her allowing her friend to
enter unaccompanied.   Into Broadway and up               
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