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Text for Page 154 [04-12-1860]

           Lotty at the �Unitary Home.�
has got married again, has some disease,
I believe and is like to die.         A visit to
Maillard�s, where she had some chocolate and
oysters and I some brandy, then I left her
at her Houston Street friend�s house.  I kissed
her at parting and don�t think I was unfaithful
to Hannah in doing so.              Half an hur
afterwards went to 745.       All the girls gone
to bed, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards up-stairs in
the work-room.   Stayed till 11.     Little Bow-
eryem came up into my room on my returning.
He had recognized �Mrs. Granville� in our
parlor, came up and accosted her and got an
invitation to visit her.    He made her acquaint-
tance wi at the Unitary House, where for
some brief space, she and Granville lived.
His account corroborated Lotty�s story.
Granville, he said, was a sort of well-born
loafer, bald, of good address but d��____d con-
ceited, liable to insult people.   Lotty sang
sometimes in the parlor, looked �perfectly beauti-
ful� and �like an angel� while at the piano.
He believed she did �something miserrable� with
a sewing-machine � kept her husband.        She
was a Creole (!) (Lott would like that, if
told!) Little Boweryem evidently admired her.
She had �waws� (rows) with everybody and               
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