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Text for Page 155 [04-12-1860]

	 Rosenberg editor of �Momus.�
always got the better of them.       Boweryem ended
with when should we go to Fordham.          Lott had
hit him off, kindly, but completely, in a satirical
word or two, to me.
  13.  Friday.  In doors devoting the day to 
�Momus� in the way of scribblement.   To visit
Addey in the evening, pausing by the way to leave
opera-tickets at 745, where I found the three
girls with Knudsen.    Addey and Newman
with Bobbett and Hooper, engravers, the for-
mer my acquaintance in 1849.      I had a chat
with him.       Had been back to England thrice,
had gone to St. Petersburg, where he was on the way
to making a fortune, when the Russian war broke
out and sent him back to England, thence to Ame-
rica, in time to engrave for Bonner�s �Ledger.�
Addey presently told me he had �engaged an editor
� Mr Rosenberg!�       Well, you have gone and done
it, now! thought I.              Stedman of the Tribune
and Aldrich the poet came in.          The former, black-
haired, shrewd-looking, American-faced, eyes
not wide enough apart, though.     Aldrich, light-haired
and cloaky.             Before they arrived, I had read my
articles and one I made Cahill write, which gave
decided satisfaction.    Stayed till 11.    Stedman
has just been writing a description of the Pfaff crowd
in a letter to a Chicago paper which they assume               
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