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Text for Page 156 [04-13-1860]

       �Ada Clare.�    745.    The Walls.
much indignation at.      He mentioned them
only too favorably, to my thinking, conceding
power of repartee and conversation to Clapp
who is only more dogmatic than he is shallow.
I learn that �Ada Clare�s� child was fathered
by Gottschalk�s brother; both the men had a 
liason with her.     She is originally Southern; has
money.          Cahill has never got the money
he was to have obtained from Ledger�s agent,
for his (Cahill�s) detective doings.      Can�t get
sight of the man.
  14.  Saturday.   Writing & Chores.   At 12
to Edwards� to get theatre-ticket left last night.
Sent up message and all the girls came down
one after another, Miss Anne with them part
of the time.       Half an hour�s pleasant chatter
paid me for my call: how nice the girls did
look and how jolly they were!     Back; writing.
Down-town by 5, meeting Haney by the way
and anon the Walls.         Selina got up gorgeous
with a foot of rich silk trailing behind her, little
Wall, homely-looking but good-humored.   To
�Courier� Office &c.      Evening, Haney up, anon
Hayes the engraver and Rondel.            These, with
Cahill, Shepherd, Morris and Boweryem con-
stituted a snug little party in my attic and
we all got to telling stories and singing songs               
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