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Text for Page 158 [04-14-1860]

         O�Brien�s Decadence and Origin.
he occupied a room and is now �on town� in
every sense.   He looked deplorably shaky and
wandered in talk, on visiting Haney, to-day.
The Clover Hill party was to have consisted of
Gayler, its getter-up, George Arnold, O�Brien,
Nordhoff, one of the young Harpers and Frank
Wood.    Shepherd received an invitation, but de-
clined, anticipating that the expense would fall on
one or two, and that the party would terminate
in drunkenness.      Young Wood, formerly a
mild-spoken six-feet of vapidity, has become
a good deal of a drunkard and more of an
habitual swearer, his mildest exclamation
being the utterance of the name of the second
person in the Trinity.      If O�Brien continue
his present career, he�ll die miserably enough;
nor do I suppose he�ll ever re-cross the Atlantic.
The talk about his patrician kins-folk is all
Blatherskite and Erin go Brag; money has
never been sent to him during his sorest need.
His father is said to be a Cork lawyer, one
in struggling circumstances, one Bryan, for
the �Fitz� as well as the �O�� is assumed by
his son, who first, as I recollect, called him-
self James Fitzjames O�Brien, subsequently
sinking the first James.   It was then that
he pretended to cousinship with Smith O�Brien               
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