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Text for Page 159 [04-14-1860]

      Mort Thomson shows the White Feather.
the �patriot� which pretence Meagher threw cold water on.
It was then he lied about having written for �House-
hold Words� pointing out certain stories, which
subsequently appeared in book-form, in with the
real author�s name on the title-page.    Briggs told
Haney of this, long ago.                   Story about
of Barney Williams menacing Mort Thomson, who
had written adverse criticism or in coarse taste about William�s
wife.      Barney accosted Mort at a theatre, told
him he wouldn�t strike him, because he, Mort,
knew Williams to be a wealthy man and would
make money of it, but if there were any one word
which would provoke Mort to give occasion for being
licked, by taking the initiative in a fight, he
Williams would apply it to him.     Furthermore
he shook his glove in Mort�s face and asked him
whether he possessed any of the �Pluck� he lectu-
red about.      So its said.
  15.  Sunday.  Writing till dinner-time.  After,
doze, then to Weehawken with Boweryem, returning
by 8.          To Edwards�.      The family, Honeywell
and Haney there, presently Morris.           Mattie
in a new silvery-gray mohair frock, with
�bishop-sleeves, ornamented at the shoulders with 
dark green buttons, with blue decorations like
leaves rising from her �dainty, dainty waist, sure-
ly one of the prettiest of �pretty virginities.�   Poor               
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