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Text for Page 160 [04-15-1860]

	More of �Momus.�
Honeywell sat by her but said hardly
a word.   Ehen! the old, old story!
Alf. Waud went to Boston last night, to
return soon.
  16.  Monday.  In-doors all the wet day,
with a plaguey diarrhea.   Evening, went to
Bartow�s with little Boweryem.    Mr. & Mrs.
B. Miss Maguire and two visitors� of either sex.
Miss Waite out.      Talk till 11.    Little Bowery-
em went fast asleep, sitting erect in his chair, his
head declined on his breast � could he have put
it under his wing he�d have looked eminently cock-
  17.  Tuesday.  Painfully diarrheaish.        Misses
Waite and Maguire called.         Newman called
� up in my room with him.        Talk about �Momus�
matters and of the new �gas editor� as the �Cou-
rier,� by typographically knocking off a letter from
the preceding word, called him.        Newman shows
very well, has capital sketches and notions;
owns now that he can�t draw as well as Bellew
or Mc. Lenan, a wholesome sign.       Says he
understood from Addey that I rejected the
proposed editorship, that if �Jenkins� prove
a muff, he�ll have to go.       I wish I�d secured 
it, not for its the sake of the position, in itself
an unpleasant one but, warranted to secure               
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