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Text for Page 161 [04-17-1860]

         Nast has the Courage of his Opinions.
enemies, but for the keeping it out of asinine
hands.   I like Newman, and think there may
be safety in him.    Writing.   Down-town in
the afternoon, called at W. Leslie�s, �Nic-nax,�
�Courier� &c.   A sunny, pleasant day.    Came upon
Tom Strong in Houston Street, looking at some buil-
dings of his erection, anon Arnold and Shepherd.
Haney supped with us, having walked up with Bel-
lew and Cahill.      In my room.     To 14th Street,
saw Addey and Newman � Rosenberg there.     With
Newman to Bellew�s and there till 10.               The
�Vanity Fair� corps are temporarily (?) subjected to
half prices, Frank Thompson has seceded
and another �permanent basis� is discovered.
  Cahill went to Mort Thomson�s house this evening
to call on Clif.      Seeing Welles, they got talking
about little Nast and Wells mentioned two funny
anecdotes of Tommy.   Mrs. Thomson, when talking
of the Edwards� girls, gave the intellectual precedence
to Sally, when little Nast, got up, made her a bow
and thanked her!             Being goodnaturedly asked
why he hadn�t visited his friends recently, he said
conceitedly he found friends �didn�t pay� � he was
going to be independent &c. &c.           If he do
get presented at court, as they are trying to
effect (!) what an edifying spectacle he�ll be on his
return to New York!               
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