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Text for Page 070 [03-29-1851]

              expecting to find Hart and Dillon with her husband, but he was there alone.
Sate awhile with him, had a glass of ale, then, it being 11 he returned
home with the �domestic beer� and I wended my way back to Canal. Little
Cross bacchu plenus and irate and two strangers being inducted into his room
while a �cot bed� is placed for his accommodation in Bradley�s, curseth some, and
finally clears out, getting Alf to assist him to convey his box to the passage
  30. Sunday.  Drawing the �Porcupine� title page all day, even until
the weary hour of 3 next morning, Andrews being in a hurry for�t, and
I having promised it on the morrow.   Dillon Mapother called in the
afternoon,  Joe in the morning, and his father and Fred in the evening.
Unwell in body this day; � the remains of last weeks illness hanging
about me still.
  31.  Monday.  Up by 5, finished drawing, took it to Nassau
Street, saw Scorpionic Mearson, and Andrews, and got $6 for drawing.
To the Office, and there, coloring elevations all day; � met Butler in
Canal Street after dinner.          Evening the fire bell ringing, with Alf &
Cross sallied out, and walked adown Broadway to the Battery, from which
I am but now returned, and ere long mean to be in bed, as Alf now is.
  1. Tuesday. Office. In the afternoon Waud comes, decoyed
thither by a letter bearing my forged signature, a bit of fooling in honor
of the day by Master Fred, the which is retaliated by Alf surrep-
titiously purloining his cap, and bearing it away; necessitating mes-
sages, first by Mac, anon Pelham, for it. Fred anticipating the
return of his paternal from Dearmount, and the consequent discovery of               
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