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Text for Page 162 [04-18-1860]

          The Bohemians at Clover Hill.
  18.  Thursday.  In-doors till 5, then a
walk down town, met Oliver Hillard and
passed Matty and her father.      My �All the
Year Round� story reprinted in �Harper�s.�  In
the evening for an hour to Edwards� � only
Matty and Jack in, the rest gone to bed.
  19.  Thursday.  Down-town, to Harper�s.
Bonner, Nordhoff and �the Major� � got a capital
reception, walked up to �Herald� Office with Bonner.
To �Courier� Office: Smith, Cahill and Haney
there, the latter telling us of a Clover Hill ex-
cursion in company with Bellew, O�Brien, 
George Arnold, Frank Wood, Sears and
Gayler; a party of the latter�s organizing.
They played football, cricket, &c. dined, drank
and sang and were charged $6 each for their
dinner; partly in consequence of O�Brien�s 
stipulating for �green seal� champagne, partly
for the dinner that was got but not eaten t�other
day.       Gayler came into office, red-faced and
burly, us usual.           Up-town.     Writing a little,
in the afternoon; not well.          Evening, Haney
came to sup with us.   Out with him; I to
14th Street, saw Addey.         He has engaged Briggs
to do daily humorous (?) political article, Gay-
ler to work regularly, in the office of �Momus�               
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