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Text for Page 165 [04-21-1860]

	All �in the Swim� but myself.
�Courier� Office.     He still professes that �Momus�
won�t stop his projected paper � says that when
a man comes and asks him the way to commit
suicide, it�s none of his business to prevent him,
&c. � if Addey had consulted him how to &c., &c.
Up-town, sick and dispirited.              Hayes and
Alf Waud came in the evening, with Morris
in my room.     Alf went to Boston this day
last week, to return on Monday.
  22.  Sunday.  A wet day.  Writing all the 
morning and best part of the afternoon.   Haney
came after dinner, talked awhile, went to 
sleep on my bed.   With him to Edwards� in
the evening, Honeywell there.   Girls in their
new dresses, looking very nice.            Cahill
had an interview with Addey this morning, was
engaged at $7/50 per week to write three columns.
  Bellew has undertaken to do $15 work, weekly
for �Momus.�
  223.  Monday.  In-doors, writing.    Out in
the afternoon; met Hayes, the engraver.   Writing
till 11 1/2 at night.     Cahill off to West Farms
to report an inquest on the �Tribune.�   Morris
receives a new room-mate, one Bowman, phono-
graphic reporter on the �Tribune.�
  24.  Tuesday.  Writing during the morning.
Got anxious, nervous, miserable in the afternoon,               
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