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Text for Page 167 [04-24-1860]

evening with Morris and Boweryem to Haney�s,
a sort of surprise party, originated by Jack Edwards,
who came with John Pillow.        Honeywell made
up the party.         Ale, cake, bread and butter, sing-
ing and mild merriment till 11 1/2.          I was think-
ing of Hannah�s letter all the time.                 Cahill
ascertained that Ledger left the Everett House
in the carriage which conveyed folks from the hotel
to the British mail steamer.           Two heavy letters
addressed to Ledger from Bob Gun have arrived,
presumably written in cipher; they will be sent back
to Gun, at Ledger�s orders.
  25.  Wednesday.  Writing in-doors.  Day at
first pleasantish, presently snowy and rainy,
but inclining to sunlight in the afternoon.  Down
town, nervous, disheartened.      Walked up-town
with Haney, couldn�t tell him how hypochondria-
cal I felt, broke down on gaining my room
in Cahill�s presence.    He showed very kind,
would have me out to the theatre � Laura
Keene�s � where we saw Bourcicault�s �Colleen
Bawn� and went to the �Optimus� afterwards.
  26.  Thursday.  Comes a small girl with
a note from Matty Edwards, inviting me to
accompany the girls tonight, to Serrell�s.   Did
drawing on block sent to me by Addey, took
it down in the afternoon.    Addey and Rosen-               
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