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Text for Page 168 [04-26-1860]

	    At Crook and Duff�s.
berg there.   Told, civilly enough that my
article, for which I had furnished the
initial (shouldn�t have done it otherwise)
might not be used (though of course it would
be paid for) in consequence of a rhyming ad-
dress having come in which was �damned good.�
All right.           Passed Frank Wood and O�Brien,
the latter looking wretchedly raffish, and at
Crook and Duff�s found Cahill, Bellew, Ar-
nold, Abrams and others, grouping promiscu-
ously in front of the bar.        Bellew drew
me aside, said he had only consented to
join �Momus� under the impression that I was
engaged on it, proposed to back out, at once.
Sat down and had a talk.        Newman�s appro-
bative redundance, and general antiquity of
ideas relative to big cuts had rather dismayed
Bellew and he knew Rosenberg and Addey
to be helpless in the way of suggesting ideas.
He only joined �Momus� in sympathy with the
attempt.    Told him to do nothing specially on
my account as regards his relations, but to
tell Addey, I shouldn�t do anything, either in
writing or scribbling, unless I was put on the
footing accorded to men my inferiors in value
� a regular engagement.       He has a loose im-
pression I�m to be had without it � that I               
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