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Text for Page 169 [04-26-1860]

	  An Evening at Serrell�s.
shall do the old dreary business of bringing up
articles &c for acceptation or rejection by
Rosenberg, Gayler & Co.    Not if I know it!
Sol Eytinge came in, stood talking awhile
with Bellew � nose and chin much more promi-
nent than of old, looks more Jewish.          Clapp
came in, talked a bit, looked sinister and
old-clothesmanish.       Up-town, Clapp and
Bellew walking together, Cahill and I follow-
ing.      Cahill was a little intoxicated, had been
loafing and drinking, sans dinner, all day.
When we got home, I took a bath, then arou-
sed Cahill by wet towel applications, to his sup-
per, which he needed.         To 745; the girls,
with Miss Ann, waiting, presently Honeywell
arrived.      Off to Serrell�s, Amity Street, Miss
Ann and Matty walking with me, Sally with
Honeywell and Eliza with Jack.       Haney
did not show, being at Parton�s.      At Serrell�s.
He, his wife, a lady Bostonian, Mrs. George
Edwards and presently her husband, constitu-
ted the company.     We had a dance and a
song or two.      Things not very exhilarant,
though I found it pleasant enough, talking to
the girls.       They all three looked extremely
pretty in their new dresses and I never saw
Sally look so handsome.        The evening drift-               
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