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Text for Page 170 [04-26-1860]

	  Sally �wants to know.�
ed into t�te a t�tes or something like it,
for want of cohesive management.    I got to
talking with Sally on the old, confidential
subject, her past relations with her admirers.
There was one Bonestal who, subsequent to
the Catskill visit, declared himself and 
afterwards went to California.           Mat and
Eliza sat opposite to us, on a sofa, I think,
watching, and perhaps Mrs. George supposed
I was talking tender to Sally.         The girls
were singing at the piano, when Sally suddenly
addressed me with, �I want to know who the
boy and girl were in your story?�   She had
suspected I�d made a study of Haney�s feel-
ings on the memorable 4th of July, teaching
Nast.     �Some of the things were like it,� she
said.         I could honestly deny it.         When we
walked back, I convoyed Matty, who was in
capital girlish spirits and told me, confiden-
tially, in a mock serious tone, that Serrell
had kissed her at parting and that she didn�t
like it.    �On your lips?� said I.    �No!�
said she, �if he had I�d never stopped rubbing
them.�   I told her I sometimes felt as if
I�d dearly like to kiss all three of them, on
some of our good-nights; we walked merrily
through the quiet streets, papa Edwards open-               
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