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Text for Page 171 [04-26-1860]

	             I visit Lotty.
ed the door and the girls were gone.    God
bless all three of them!
  27.  Friday.  Cahill had gone out again
after supper, coming home very drunk, conse-
quently was very much out of sorts this morning,
though he had his �Momus� work to do.      
Dictated paragraphs to him, and at 10 3/4 tur-
ned out for a walk up the 4th Avenus.     The
day a lovely one, sunny but cool withal.   Got
a long distance up-town, took cars and by
2 P.M. arrived at Fordham.          Inquiring
for Mrs. Granville�s house, was directed up the
side of a gentle ascent to a near, pretty spa-
cious, wooden building, standing detached, with
garden ground behind it, in which a man
and a boy were working.    The bell-handle
and wire came out as I pulled it.         Shown
into a parlor, carpeted, furnished, with the
old oil-portrait of Lotty, painted by Ba-
ker, which I remembered so well, I was
looking at it when she bounced into the room,
welcomed and kissed me.     She was in rustic
trim, a not very new brown dress of ordinary
material, something in the worsted way (which
looked, if it were not really, ragged, in at
least one place) pinned over her bosom, a 
wide-brimmed straw hat � not so very wide,               
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